No Account? No Problem.

Use this calculator for an estimate of a movement price as a one off customer. In the description you will have to specify if the item you want to send is packaged as a carton, pallet, skid or length. If your item is none of these, please enter ‘other’.

Please get in contact with our office if you would like to proceed with the movement.

Packaging For Success.

Packing Cartons.

  1.  Choose the right box, not too big, not too small. Allow for inner packaging like bubble wrap too. If reusing an old box, make sure any old labels have been removed.
  2. Heavy item? You’ll need a stronger box. Make sure the outer box is rigid, and self supporting, your parcel may have to be handled by many people and travel through many vehicles on it’s way to the destination. 
  3. Think inside the box, bubble wrap, foam peanuts, news paper, foam pool noodles, use them to cover and wrap the item you sending, and also to fill voids in the box once you’ve packaged your item in there to stop any movement inside.
  4. Closing time, wrap it with butchers paper, tape it closed, tie it closed with twine. What ever suits you, just ensure the seams are well sealed so nothing falls out during transit. 
  5. Attach your consignment very securely. Tape it down, even hand write the consignment number onto the box just incase. Also attach any other label that might be required (e.g This Way up arrows).

Packing Pallets or Skids.

  1. Is a single item over 30kg? Best you use a pallet or a skid.
  2. Try not to go oversize if you can help it otherwise you will incur added charges, a standard pallet is 120cm wide x 120cm deep.
  3. Strap it to the skid or pallet securely, if you don’t have access to strapping you can use ratchet tie downs, or rope if you can tie knots well enough. Sometimes you might have to make mounts out of timber so your item sits upright on the pallet during transit.
  4. Wrap the item with pallet wrap to protect it from the elements during transport.
  5. Attach your consignment note securely, tape it on, unless its laser printed (the tape will damage laser printer paper). 
  6. Attach extra ‘TO’ addresses in big clear print on the sides a forklift will pick it up from.  Sometimes it’s best to even add the consignment number to these labels just incase the original is damaged or falls off.
  7. Attach any extra labels or signage the item may require. (e.g Top Load Only).